Around eighty percent of my golf was played alone, at night. Which was a gas. But when playing golf at night I had two main problems, both related to each other. First was laying a hand on the right club, first time every time and putting it back in the bag afterwards with the same assuredness. The second problem was reading the club number off the sole of the club. This design, my third attempt, solves both of those problems. It also addresses successfully several things unique to a night golfer. Staggering the tubes gives good visual and physical separation so the club heads are not generating noise by banging around on each other nor are they hitting the graphite shafts of other clubs. No glare. from say, a security officer's flashlite. The cart itself is super lite and the custom placement of clubs results in perfect balance, you are rolling the cart along, neither lifting nor holding down the handle. It is very rigid, no play in the system eating energy. Neat, clean and quite.

The World's Coolest Pull Cart

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